Giant Copyright Troll, Malibu Media, Sued By Investors

We’ve written a bunch of stories about Malibu Media, a copyright trolling operation. The company’s founders, Colette Pelissier and Brigham Feld, like to claim that they’re purveyors of “classy” pornography under the X-Art brand, but their business seems almost entirely focused on trolling practices. And its embrace of copyright trolling has resulted in some significant problems for the company over the years, as judges have very much caught on to the company’s long history of sketchy practices.

Apparently those sketchy practices may go beyond its copyright trolling, as two of Malibu Media’s investors are now suing the company, claiming that they lent the company money when it was short on cash, in exchange for 50% of its “net recovery” from the trolling operations, and a “50% interest” in the copyright of the porn X-Art created. So, how’d that work out?

In 2018 alone, continues the complaint, Malibu Media’s litigation stampede generated over $ 2.8 million.

But the plaintiffs say they haven’t seen any of the money and can’t get an accounting. They further allege, “On information and belief, Defendants are shuttling assets and interests out of Malibu Media and into more obscure entities, including the shell entity holding companies: Click Here, Colette Holdings, Colette Properties, Colette Production, Inc., Colette Productions LLC, and/or Zo Digital.”

Ah, shell companies and moving cash around. It appears that Malibu Media took all the wrong lessons from Prenda Law. Perhaps they’ll find themselves in the same place in the end.

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