Linux 5.2 debut with support for Open Source audio DSP firmware and SDK for audio

Linux latest kernel release version 5.2 is pivotal in the open source OSes goal of spreading across the world, with the long awaited Sound Open Firmware (SOF) support which provides an open source audio firmware and SDK for modern Digital Signal Processing.

The Sound Open Firmware Project is powered by Intel to enable developers with tools to adapt operating systems for audio devices, while the Linux Foundation had earlier announced the Firmware as part of Linux Foundation project.

Intel Corporation is credited for engineering and code contributions for SOF, including digital signal processing (DSP) firmware and SDK that provide infrastructure and development tools for developers working on audio or signal processing, with support from other contributors.

These tools comprise of scripts to help developers evaluate tradeoffs between processor load, memory and audio quality, with GNU Debugger integration, contributed by Google.

The new Linux Kernel 5.2 release includes support for many other Intel chips such as Cherry Trail, Broadwell, Cannon Lake and Ice Lake, with Sound Open Firmware to accelerate the development of new features that simplify system integration of the DSP hardware and software.

And the Sound Open Firmware currently support the Cadence Tensilica Xtensa instruction set architecture on Intel platform-based devices and can be ported to other platform architectures.

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