Mozilla looks to subscription based Browser service with extra-value propositions

The Firefox maker, Mozilla is looking to revolutionize the modern browser offerings, with new approach that includes securing the personal information of its users by deploying a VPN service add-on to avert issues like data breaches.

While Mozilla has partnered with the Switzerland-based ProtonVPN, whose VPN service will be made available for Firefox on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android; though the service offering is currently in testing with a small portion of Firefox users in the United States.

The company has also released a brand new logo for Firefox to go along with the fact that it is now more than just a browser, as Firefox has got traits not common in earthly foxes: stretchiness, which according to Mozilla, that fabled flexibility enables Firefox to adapt to a changing environment.

Albeit, the change is more than just logos, as the Firefox design system includes everything that marks the product and web experiences today and long into the future, which design is derived from the geometry of the logos making beautiful background patterns, spot illustrations, motion graphics and pictograms.

Mozilla had earlier launched some new products such as Password manager, file sharing service and Firefox Monitor, with the later serving as a security tool that alert users when their online accounts are at risks of possible breach, all in the line to facilitate the new monitization scheme.

The issue of privacy is equally one area that has overtaken most of the Internet service providers lately, and Mozilla is harping on it’s new approach to secure the personal information leakable in scenarios like data breaches and the eavesdropping.

However, how Mozilla intends to make the new proposition of browser-as-a-service to appeal to the vast users of the Firefox browser remains to be seen.


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