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We are all of us really, really far too busy to read all of our emails properly. Conversely, we are all of us really, really too important to not have other people reply to our emails promptly. we send out endless missives, we expect a response within minutes, seconds even.

So, what we need in our email program is a way to respond without responding. Obviously, there are autoresponders and they’ve been around for decades, irritating and annoying as it is to hear that someone will not respond to an email because they’re on vacation (what actually do Amercuns vacate when they go on holiday?) or whatever.

In Facebook, you can quickly click or tap to like something and with the relatively recent update you can assign other emotional responses to somebody else’s updates and posts. We need something like this for email. One could scan through subject lines and sender names and tap to send one of any number of autoresponses in a timely manner:

Got your email, will reply ASAP
Got your email, no response needed
Got your email, looks interesting, will read later and reply
Got your email, looks interesting, will read later but no response needed
Your email looks spammy, you’ve been blocked (obviously this one wouldn’t actuall ping the sender)
etc etc etc

Each tap could also flag and sort the inbox so that you get prompted to reply after a set time to the ones that you said you’d reply to, the spam gets blacklisted and deleted and for those which you said you’d read later, again a timer could be set…

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